1936 For Model 68 | Enclosed Auto Transport
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The 1936 Ford Model 68 | Auto Transport

An Updated Exterior and Endless Model Types Made This Classic Car a Hit in Its Day

With a beautifully styled front grill, hubcaps painted extra shiny, and improved headlamps and windshields, the 1936 Ford Model 68 was meant to be a stylish improvement from previous models that the Ford motor company had produced in years prior. Nobody was surprised when sales increased significantly, and in fact, production reached over 530,000 units in the 1936 year.

1936 Ford Model 68

United Routes was tasked with the job of moving a very well preserved 1936 Ford Model 68 Coupe, and we knew that, like with all classic or antique car transport, it would mean employing the utmost of care. Thankfully, with our professional team of drivers, we were able to execute the job as seamlessly as one would expect from a leader in the auto transport industry.

One of the greatest aspects of the 1936 Ford Model 68 set of automobiles, was the fact that there was such a large variety of styles from which to choose. Though everyone at the time knew they were getting a quality automobile when buying a Ford, naturally, families, single individuals, and newlyweds would all want styles that fit in with their distinct needs.

Luckily, Ford wisely thought to manufacture various model types. Whether it was the practical Tudor, the flashy Coupe or the sturdy Truck Sedan, every consumer could find something that would meet their needs. The most popular style was the Deluxe Fordor Tourer Sedan, selling nearly 160,000 units of this type.

Classic Ford loading for transport

Some of the 1936 Ford Model 68’s Specs

The 1936 Ford Model 68 had a 221 cubic inch 3.6 liter engine under its hood, and it helped to produce 85 horse power, considered pretty impressive for those days. The transmission was simple and easy to operate.

All of the models had rear wheel drive, and the chassis of the 1936 Ford Model 68 was made of steel which helped to contribute to its weight of over 2500 pounds. Depending on which model type you’d purchase, it would cost somewhere in between $500 and $750 for the Ford Model 68.

What was perhaps most unique about the 1936 Ford Model 68 was the updated exterior of the car. Among the many improvements were the front and back fenders made to look sharper than in previous years’ models, and the old fashioned horn, usually placed on the outside of the car during that era, was moved to under the hood as we’re used to today.

Experts in Classic Car Transport

With years of experience in enclosed car transport, dealing with cars of all ages, it was no shock when the owner of a beautiful 1936 Ford Model 68 Coupe called us. He needed a company with a great reputation in vehicle transportation service, and he came to exactly the right place.

When moving any car that is of high financial or sentimental value, we at United Routes know what it means to handle your car with care. Our specially designed car carriers are made to accommodate any shape or condition car, and ensure that your antique, classic or exotic car is delivered safely to its destination.


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