Enclosed Car Shipping | 2014 Dodge Viper
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2014 Viper Enclosed Transport

Exotic Car Shipping

The Dodge Viper has had a lot of press lately, mainly due to the tug of war between Viper die-hards and Dodge’s own financial questions with the sports car. Earlier this year Dodge

cut $15,000 from the sticker price of the more than 600 unsold Vipers on dealer lots. It also [will offer] $15,000 coupons to recent Viper buyers to trade in their 2013 or 2014 Viper on another one or to buy an additional Viper, and it will open Viper sales to all Dodge dealers.”

For Viper enthusiast that’s an awesome deal, let’s just hope Dodge doesn’t yank these altogether sometime soon. That would not go over well, especially with me  (This is me if that ever happened 🙁


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