Transported a 1910 Steam Engine Classic Car


Enclosed Car Transport

United Routes shipped this 1910 Stanley Steamer Model 70. Due to the fragile and unique nature of this classic the cutomer requested an enclosed transport.

Steam engines operate quite differently than the typical modern-day car we have come to know. Without getting too technical the basic gist is as follows. Boiling water creates steam. The expanding steam creates pressure which pushes a piston. The Piston is connected to a rod which is connected to a circular driving rod. The back and forth motion from the piston/rod creates a spinning motion (like a wheel) for the driving rod.

I’m going to assume my explanation is not exactly teacher material so check out this short 30 second clip below. It’s one of those monotonous science class clips but should give you a rudimentary idea of how this car works.



Steam cars were very rarely produced after the 1920’s. While many believe it’s a much healthier alternative for our planet the main issue is that steam powered engines need a continous supply of water. A power plant for example would have a much easier time running steam engine’s since it can simply be built near a large body of water. Mobile vehicles can only carry so much. Besides the extra weight from the large tanks of water, the car will constantly need to be refilled.

There are many opinions on this matter, more then I can possibly cover in this post but please check out steampowerbike.blogspot  and for more info.

Shelby Cobra | Exotic Car Transport

Exotic Car Transport | Classic Car Shipping

The AC Cobra, AKA “Shelby Cobra”, “is an American-engined British sports car produced intermittently since 1962.” The car was created by Carrol Shelby who decided to put an intense Ford engine inside a small sporty British body. The last original 427 Cobra (the latest model) was built in 1967 and eventually sold in 1968.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) in the auto industry knows about the Cobra. An original in good condition will likely not sell for anything less then a $1,000,000. We better start saving…

Enclosed Auto Transport | 1961 Corvette 315 Fuelie

Shipped Corvette From California

General Motors displayed the very first Corvette prototype at the Motorama show located at the Waldorf-Astoria In NYC on January 17, 1953 – Production began six months later.  Flash forward a few decades and Chevy Corvette has become one of the most coveted american sports cars available.

Few things say 60’s America like a Chevy Corvette and few Corvettes are more desired then the 1961 315 Fuelie. These models marked a new era for many leaving behind the “curvaceous rear fenders” and heavy use of chrome.

Our client Frank was quite please with the entire shipping (classic car transport page) process.

“Having that truck there on schedule was priceless and allowed me to take in an Oakland A’s game with an old buddy and end my weekend with dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I was nervous about pulling everything together at the last minute and you did it Kasey. Thanks buddy and I wish you the best of luck with your business.”

Thanks Frank!

This 1970 Marcos GT Was Once Banned from the U.S.

Classic Auto Shipping

Personally, I absolutely love small and short classic cars, especially small sports cars. And I’m definitely not the only one. While the Marcos GT may not on the same level (size-wise) as these it definitely makes the cut in my book.

First, a fun fact: Marcos was founded in Dolgellau, North Wales, in 1959 by Jem Marsh and Frank Costin. 

I was planning on giving some cool background on this featured 1970 Marcos GT that we transported  (from Florida to New Jersey) but our customer, Chris, pretty much covered it all (Thanks Chris). So heres the rundown:

Q: What was the reason for transporting your car?
A: I sent the Marcos to the only person in North America that has nut and bolt expertise in restoring these cars and after nearly a year’s worth of work the car’s frame off restoration was complete and needed a trusted shipper to bring the now concours condition vehicle from Florida to its home in New Jersey.

Q: Is there anything unique about the car?
A: What is not unique about a Marcos GT? There are roughly 30 in the United States and at 43” off of the ground the Marcos GT is one of the shortest production cars ever built.

From a historic relevance, the brand’s creators can be linked to game changing vehicle innovations like those found in the revolutionary Mosquito Bomber, Lotus Elite, Lotus 11, Lister Jaguars and Birdcage Maserati to name a few.
Early cars featured a wooden monocoque chassis and sweeping fiberglass body that featured ageless beauty and a host of 4 and 6 cylinder motors from Ford, Volvo and Triumph in later runs.

As a limited production British sports, the Marcos GT was a no compromise performance design that saw track time across many of the great European race courses but it was a car that would be equally at home in the streets of London being driven by a rock star like Rod Stewart who indecently owned two GTs.

I would like to think my 1970 Marcos Gt is special in its own right because of its unbelievable paper work trail. My Marcos is a 3 Liter Volvo powered, steel framed, US spec car that took twelve years before it made it to the States.
As new it was detained in customs for 5 years and was eventually sold in a London Auction. The then owner of the car toured around Europe for some time and connected with a New York attorney who eventually bought the car and had it shipped to Newark, NJ.

Shortly thereafter the attorney hit some hard times financially and sold the Marcos to the founder of a New York City Advertising Agency who made his fortune helping to launch brands like Datsun in the United States. Some 30 years later it was this fellow who grew too old to enter and exit the vehicle and posted it for sale and from there, the rest is history.

Q: Did the transport process meet your expectations?
A: Yes. The Driver was super. His rig was exceptional and the car arrived exactly when it was promised.

Thanks Chris, we’re glad the transport was up to par – you deserve it (just for choosing such a sexy car 🙂

Sleek Classic 1927 Ford Roadster

Classic Car Transport

So whats a roadster? Excellent question, thanks for asking. According to our anonymous sources at a highly secret intelligence agency AKA Wikipedia a roadster is “an open two-seat car with emphasis on sporting appearance or character”.

 So what’s a really hot roadster? Even better question. Why not just take a look at the pictures above. This gorgeous 1927 Ford Roadster was shipped from Pennsylvania to Washington State. When we asked our customer Glenn what makes this car unique his response was right on the button for a true car enthusiast,

 “As far as anything unique about the car…it’s really cool, but there are a lot of cool cars out there. I guess what makes it unique is that this one is mine.”

Well, cant argue with that and truth be told take one look at it and I think anyone can see this is seriously “cool and unique”, wouldn’t mind owning one myself (wink wink my birthday is coming up).

As far as shipping,

“The shipping process very much met my expectations. It was very fast (well under the estimated time-frame) and the car was not at all damaged during shipment. The person I dealt with at United Routes (Jake) was very easy to work with, punctual and honest when answering the myriad of questions I had asked. Very happy with my purchase and my choice of shipping companies. If I purchase another car that requires shipment I would not hesitate to use this shipping company again. I will also recommend this company to friends that may need a service of this nature.”

Thanks Glenn! We’re glad you love the car and even happier we could help.

1966 Batmobile Shipped to Car Show (From Gotham)

Enclosed Auto Transport

Did someone say iconic?

A few months ago we were very excited to ship one of the batmobiles AKA The Keaton-Mobile. Well things got even better this week when we transported the original (yes the actual one) batmobile.

Early summer of last year this comic book lovers dream was put on the auction block at Barret Jackson. The lucky winner, Arizona businessman Rick Champagne told the media he is planning on displaying the car in his living room. Now that’s what we call a conversation piece. Here’s a crazy conversation, the car went for $4.6 million, 50 years ago George Barris paid a $1 for the very same car (well not exactly but sounds good), we’ll just blame inflation. For the full story check out this pretty sweet site completely dedicated to the 1966 TV Batmobile.

Fast forward to 2014 and United Routes (hey, that’s us) was hired to transport the car from Arizona to a Texas auto show. Thanks Batman for giving us this opportunity, now please go save the world.

Transported Another Classic Beauty – 1941 Packard 160

Shipped this Packard from Massachusetts


Ah the Packard; The timeless classic that brought joy to America’s wealthiest as early as 1899. As a high-end luxury vehicle these beauties often sold for 3,4 and 5 times more then many popular cars at the time.

The Packard vehicles were so loved that by 1928 the Packard Motor Car Company had a gross income of $21,889,000 – roughly $304,464,469 in 2014.  Did you know that Packard was also the first to offer air conditioning and 12 cylinder engines in passenger cars (yes, I do love wikipedia).

Questions for John I. – New owner of this 1941 Packard 160

Q: What was the reason for transporting your car?
A: “Bought the car via the internet – I live in Portland, OR and the car was in East Dennis, MA. So, had to have it shipped.”

Q: Is there anything unique about the car?
A: “It’s a 138” wheelbase vs the usual 127”, two tone paint, dual side mount spare tires, and has the Electro-Matic clutch option which was a new invention at the time.”

Q: Did the transport process meet your expectations?
A: “Actually, the whole process exceeded my expectations! You were able to ship before anyone else and the car arrived earlier than expected which was great!”

Aww, thanks John, we love us too! 🙂

Chevrolet 3100 Took A Trip To Texas

Classic Car Transport

This 1954 Chevy 3100 is part of the Chevy series known as the Advance Design. There were a number of changes implemented into series starting in 1947 through 1955. However 1954 had arguably the only significant design change of the entire series. Among those changes included switching from a 2 piece windshield to a more curved one-piece, remodeled steering wheel and dashboard, and of course the grille – remodeled to what is known as the “bull nose” grille.

We shipped one these 54′ Chevy 3100’s for Randy and he could not be happier “Here is my new ride delivered by United Routes. Those guys are great, so if you are as picky as me about your classic cars and trucks, use them. Odessa,Missouri to Kemp, Texas, not a scratch. Thanks, Randy”.

Can’t Stop Checking Out This Bugatti 1931 Type 51

Classic Car Transport

The Bugatti Type 51 was Bugatti’s leading race-car throughout the 1930’s. The model above (transported by United Routes) was produced within the 1st year of the T 51 production – 1931.

This model took over the famous Bugatti Type 35’s. While the race-car did not fair too well against its German and Italian race-car competitors it eventually was beloved simply for it’s style. To be fair, the German and Italian race-car manufacturers had significant financial backing from their respective governments giving it a nice leg up on pretty much anyone else in the game. But as well know money cannot buy finesse and Bugatti is in a league of its own in that department.

Back in 2010 RM Auctions  tried to auction a T 51 expecting between 3.5 and 4.5 million. The car did not sell that day as the high bid was only (sarcasm much?) 2.75 million.

The car posted above was shipped from Utah to Colorado for service and maintenance.

Is that a piece of history on a boat? Yup!

Shipped a 1930 Franklin Roadster

Known as a serious luxury car brand, the Franklin Automobile Company unfortunately met it’s demise during the great depression. It’s 30 years of production clearly made it’s mark in automobile history – selling about 150,000 cars.

The picture above is from our customer who was getting his 1930 Franklin Roadster Coupe restored. We met him at the ferry and he took it for a ride into Massachusetts.

There have been only 6,043 produced and the original base price was $2,885 (roughly $41,174 today adjusted for inflation).

2 door
Weight: 3,950 lbs
Wheelbase: 132 in
6 cylinders
Rated Horsepower:29.4
Air-cooled cooling sytem