Classic Car Transport

Cars in America need to be aged between 30 and 49 years old in order to be officially recognized as “classic”, 50-99 years are pre-antique and over 100 years are antique. With that said you can see why shipping a classic (or antique) car can be somewhat of a “delicate” task. No matter how well kept a classic car is, it’s no “spring chicken”. Improper care during transport can easily result in damage.


Classic Car Shipping Options

The safest way to transport a classic car is in an enclosed trailer. The trailers are completely covered on all sides and on the top, giving your car full protection from the weather, from bugs and from road debris damage. Your car is secured in the trailer by using soft straps on the wheels, we never secure by utilizing any part of the axles or chassis. Many classic cars have low ground clearance and our trailer ramps have been specially designed to accommodate low-ground-clearance vehicles.

If your vehicle has any loose parts or a well kept vintage paint job you undoubtedly want an enclosed transport. This added layer of protection is well worth it.

The other option would be an open transport.  Often time’s classic car enthusiasts will invest in a “Fixer Upper” and are simply shipping the car to a body shop (or their own garage) for repairs. For restoration projects like that an open transport would be the more cost effective option.

United Routes Classic Car Transport


The Classic Car Buyer

Purchasing a classic car is generally a detailed project. First off most potential buyers already have some idea of what they are looking for. They might go in looking for a specific company such as a Packard or perhaps a specific model like Corvette or Thunderbird. Many times they will look at a specific genre of vehicles such as muscle cars, roadsters or hot-rods. The potential buyer may also only want something with certain mileage or features. Ultimately the car that is chosen more often than not will be sold out of a different state. There’s a slim chance the local Chevy dealership is carrying the 1968 Camaro z28 that John from Dallas has fallen in love with.   Majority of the classic car transports we handle are due to out-of-state purchases.

Enclosed Classic Auto Transport



As with exotic cars, often times the best places to find unique classic cars is at the auction houses, especially if it’s a rare vehicle. The top of the line cars will usually be sold at the well known auctions across the country. Barret-Jackson for example has branches in Scottsdale, Palm Beach, Reno and Las Vegas, they auction classic and exotic cars of all types, collectors can buy anything from a 1967 Pontiac Firebird to a Fangio’s 1954 Mercedes-Benz grand prix car – if they have a cool $30 million spare that is!


Auto Shows

Many classic car owners love nothing more than to take their cars to shows, where they can show off their pride and joy to the public, answering questions and generally helping to educate. It’s also wonderful to meet up with fellow owners, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to discuss their vehicles, pick up tips and obviously socialize.

Transporting vehicles to car shows can sometimes be quite tricky with regards to timing and schedule. As with any part of the logistics industry, on occasion shipments can be delayed due to traffic, weather or even engine trouble. Under most circumstances the delay is not necessarily consequential. However, showing up a day late to a car show is absolutely not an option. To ensure proper arrival we schedule the auto show transports on small trailers to avoid possible delays from other cars. We can also have the car scheduled to arrive a day early as an additional precaution.

There is also the oft requested “dedicated truck” service. The truck and trailer will be completely reserved for our customers car (or cars) as well as the days required. If a vehicle must arrive and depart an event at specific times then this is the ideal option.


Trustworthy Shipping

United Routes is a fully licensed and bonded auto shipper. Our DOT Numbers are #2541939 and #2242562. Our MC Numbers are #884501 and #650823.

Rest easy knowing all of our transports are fully insured and handled by experienced, CDL licensed professionals. We also offer an additional personal gap-coverage on top of the primary policy.