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Cross-Country Moving Tips

Moving is one of the most stressful things we have to deal with in life. Moving is especially stressful when it’s a large scale move, like one across the country. If you’re about to embark on a large scale move, here are some tips to help you get there smoothly.

1) Before you start packing, take and inventory of your possessions. Think about the larger, heavier items that take up the most room and decide if you really need them.

2) If you have a vehicle, or more than one vehicle, you should contact car transport companies. Car transporting can make your move a lot easier by allowing you to relax instead of driving all the way there. It is also more economical to opt for car transporting because you’re saving on those road trip fees like gas, food, and lodging.

3) Research air far costs. You should look into booking far in advance to insure you get the best deal. In addition, find out how much it would cost to ship your items.

4) Finally, start packing. If you’re hanging on to old stuff that you don’t really need or use, consider getting rid of it to save room and money when it comes time to ship your boxes.


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