Enclosed Auto Transport | 1961 Corvette 315 Fuelie
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Enclosed Auto Transport | 1961 Corvette 315 Fuelie

Shipped Corvette From California

General Motors displayed the very first Corvette prototype at the Motorama show located at the Waldorf-Astoria In NYC on January 17, 1953 – Production began six months later.  Flash forward a few decades and Chevy Corvette has become one of the most coveted american sports cars available.

Few things say 60’s America like a Chevy Corvette and few Corvettes are more desired then the 1961 315 Fuelie. These models marked a new era for many leaving behind the “curvaceous rear fenders” and heavy use of chrome.

Our client Frank was quite please with the entire shipping (classic car transport page) process.

“Having that truck there on schedule was priceless and allowed me to take in an Oakland A’s game with an old buddy and end my weekend with dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I was nervous about pulling everything together at the last minute and you did it Kasey. Thanks buddy and I wish you the best of luck with your business.”

Thanks Frank!


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