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Enclosed Auto Transport for The Race of Champions in Miami

The Race of Champions Hits Miam

United Routes Helps to Deliver One of Motorsport’s Finest Events

It was all excitement at Marlin’s park in Miami, Florida, on Saturday January 21, 2017, as some of the world’s most incredible motor sports stars raced throughout the day at the Race of Champions to the amazement of the fans. With outstanding competition, great entertainment, and beautiful warm Miami weather, this was a Race of Champions to remember.

Fans also had the chance to interact with some of their favorite racing stars, and some of the big names in the business. With the stadium setting, as opposed to the bigger NASCAR tracks, or street tracks of Formula One, the vibe definitely contained something of a casual and personal touch.

United Routes was also there in Miami helping with the preparation leading up to the races. With their efficient closed car transport of many of the participating race cars, United Routes helped to ensure this event would be memorable.

Racing’s Event of the Year

Ever since 1988, the Race of Champions has been thrilling fans of all types of motor sports all over the world with its impressive array of races featured at the competition. With representatives and cars from NASCAR, Formula One, World Rally and IndyCar competing in head to head races throughout the weekend, it’s no wonder why the Race of Champions is one of the most celebrated motor sports events of the year. Though originally the founders of the Race of Champions limited the racing events to cars only, they have since expanded the racing schedule to include a nice amount of motorcycle racing as well.

Besides for the actual racing events throughout the day, participants at the Race of Champions are privy to get an up close look at some of the nicest sports cars and racing cars in the motor sports world. Many of the world’s current styles of racing cars were on display throughout Marlin’s Park at the Race of Champions, and hundreds of fans were enjoying every moment they had to check out these top performing machines.

Montoya and Vettel’s Team Germany Claim Top Prizes

Though there are many types of competitions at the Race of Champions, like the new Ryder Cup inspired America versus the World race, and the breathtaking motorcycle races, the two most prestigious awards are the Champion of Champions, and the Race of Champions Nations’ Cup.

The Champion of Champions award goes to the individual driver who has the best overall performance. The winner receives the Henri Toivonen Memorial trophy. This year’s winner was Juan Pablo Montoya, the Colombian motor sport legend. He had to beat out 16 of the world’s greatest racing stars to claim the prize, and only after several heats and earlier group stages.

The Nations’ Cup, which features two drivers in each car, went to Sebastian Vettel and Team Germany, who notched their record seventh victory in this particular competition. Vettel had to beat out the two famous NASCAR brothers Kyle and Kurt Busch in the final to achieve victory for Germany.

The Race of Champions is Unique

Besides for the fact that the fans are closer to the action because of the smaller, figure 8 track, racing during the Race of Champions means that the action is constantly in front of you. That means none of that annoying waiting around for the pack of cars (or in this case the pair) to make it around the track again. Anyone, from any viewpoint in Marlin’s Park, was able to catch every moment of the racing. That’s one of the many aspects of the Race of Champions that makes it extra special to fans all over the globe.

Additionally, you get to see world class drivers from all different areas of motor sports racing head to head in the same exact type of cars. There are even times when NASCAR and Formula One drivers are racing in cars they’re not very familiar with, like the Race of Champions’ trademark ROC buggy. This gives the fans the chance to see drivers using their incredible talent to adjust and still drive around the track seamlessly.

Some of the Top Featured Cars at the Race

Among the many beautiful racing cars on the track at the Race of Champions was the sleek Ariel Atom. Produced in the United Kingdom, the Atom has a unique look with the chassis visible to the onlooker, and having no windows or roof. Some Atoms have been clocked to go from zero to 100 mph in 6.86 seconds. That’s faster than a Porcshe 911 Carrera S, or a Caterham CSR 260.

Another racer was the super light X-bow, manufactured by Austrian motorcycle company KTM. With a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine, capable of hitting top speeds of 217 mph, the KTM X-bow can go from 0-60 in under 3.9 seconds. The spectators at the Race of Champions were treated to seeing the KTM X-bow several times through the competition and were definitely not disappointed.

One last car that certainly raised eyebrows was the Audi Quattro S1. Considered one of the best rallying cars of its time in the mid to late 1980’s, the Quattro S1 was built on the small side, with a wider base and slightly wider wheels. These points, which significantly helped with precise steering during races, along with a very steep windscreen for improved visibility for the driver, allowed the Quattro S1 to win many competitions in its heyday. Though the Audi Quattro S1 didn’t participate in any of the racing in Miami, all the fans at the Race of Champions were more than happy to get a few up close looks at this racing and rallying legend.

With these amazing cars and dozens of others needed to be transported to Marlin’s Park, United Routes had no problem getting them there with their closed car transport capabilities. Besides for us transporting the cars to the park, we were also tasked with the job of moving some of the cars to and from different spots within the park during the competition. Our car moving expertise came in handy for this job, which we graciously accepted. With delicate handling and our experience in exotic car transport, we made sure that every car was where it had to be and when.


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