Here at United Routes we specialize in enclosed car transport. If you are an auto enthusiast who owns a classic or exotic car, you probably want to go the extra step to give your vehicle the best possible care. That’s where enclosed auto transport comes in.

What is Enclosed Auto Transport


Simply put, your vehicle will be shipped inside an enclosed trailer as opposed to on an open trailer. Those trailers you see on the highway carrying cars are called open trailers. The enclosed trailers that we use have tops and sides that are completely covered giving your car total protection from the weather, dust, rocks, bugs and any possible road debris damage. The image below shows one of our enclosed auto transport trailers on the road delivering cars to a satisfied customer.

When transporting your car we ensure that it arrives in exactly the same condition as when it left your home.

United Routes Enclosed Car Transport

Our covered car trailers are specially designed to handle low ground clearance cars such as many classic cars and exotic vehicles. We use soft wheel straps to secure your car on the trailer and we only ever secure by the wheels, never by the chassis or suspension. Furthermore our drivers will always ship you car horizontally, never at any point will the car stray more than a couple of degrees from a level plane.

Enclosed Classic Auto Transport Service With Soft Straps

Finding a reliable transport company to take the worry and stress away from you when scheduling can be a real headache, but now your hassle is over, you have found United Routes, the country’s premier enclosed car shipping company.

When you ship your vehicle with us, you get the real deal, because not only do we transport your vehicle quickly and efficiently we will also be there every step of the way to offer you the best possible customer service. Still hesitant? Feel confident knowing that while your car is in our hands it will be fully insured against any possible damage.

If you own a high-end vehicle, don’t take any chances, schedule your transport with United Routes, the safest enclosed car shipping solution, covering all routes in the continental USA – yes we really can go anywhere – transporting your car with the same high level of service wherever we go. See what our customers have to say.

Want to view some of our recently transported vehicles? Please check out our blog for great pictures and more information