1. Do I need to pay 100% in advance to book my transport?
No, all that is required to book your vehicle transport is; full pickup and delivery addresses and a credit card just to hold your spot in line for the next truck available in dispatch. Your card is only for the deposit which is charged once we have assigned a driver for your vehicle and we have supplied you with your driver name and phone number, only then is your credit card charged a minimum $150 deposit which is included in your quote price.TopTop

2. Do I have to be present at the time of pickup or delivery?
Yes, it is required that you or a designated representative be present at pickup and delivery. The driver will perform an inspection and some paper work must be signed. If it’s not possible for you or a representative to be there at the time of pick up, please call our customer service at: 1-866-352-8180TopTop

3. Will my vehicle be driven?
Your vehicle will be driven by the vehicle transport driver ONLY to get your vehicle on and off the transport truck. This procedure is standard for pickup and delivery. Any discrepancies will be noted and signed off by the driver on your receipt.TopTop

4. Can I put items in the trunk of my car?
Auto shipping companies are restricted by law to transport personal belongings. Violating this law could result in fines up to ten thousand dollars. Also, items placed in the car are not insured.TopTop

5. Is my Vehicle Insured?
One million dollars of public liability and cargo insurance is required by law for all carriers. In any situation your vehicle is covered for all damages done while your car is in transit.TopTop

6. What do I do if my vehicle is damaged?
Notify us as soon as possible so we can help you in every way possible, damage should be noted upon pick up if not the claim cannot be accepted as a valid claim.TopTop

7. Can you ship my car in an enclosed trailer?
Absolutely, our network of carriers has the choice of open and enclosed trailers.TopTop

8. My car won’t start do you transport non-working cars?
Of course we can, there are many ways of shipping inoperable cars and we will be glad to ship yours for you.TopTop

9. What does door to door service mean?
Door to Door means the driver will bring your vehicle to your home. This must be done safely and legally. The transport trucks are large and need room for maneuvering without compromising the cargo. If access to your home is restricted by law or other restrictions (low hanging trees, low bridges, and narrow streets). The driver for pickup/delivery will call you as soon as he approaches you and discuss with you a place to meet to deliver your car (parking lot of a nearby shopping center, mall ect.)TopTop

10. What does terminal to terminal mean?
Terminal to Terminal is when you drop off your vehicle at a trucking terminal closest to your home. Your vehicle is then shipped for terminal to terminal on as many trucks as it takes until it reaches a terminal nearest to you where you’re responsible to pick it up. However terminals charge a fee for everyday your car is stored at their terminal.TopTop