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Ferrari, Black or Red?

We shipped a couple more Ferrari’s

Our driver just transported 2 exotic cars, one red and one black. Now think Ferrari…Let me guess, the first thing you saw was colored red. Yeah I know, I’m a genius. Actually that’s pretty darn common since nearly 40% of Ferrari’s owned worldwide are red. Well not red red but more like “Ferrari Red” (yeah, I took the easy way out). The colors’ official name is Rosso Corsa.

2nd most popular Ferrari color? Black (AKA Nero). pretty much covering another 20% of Ferrari owners. That means about 60% of all Ferrari’s are either black or red (booom! mindf***). Silver/Gray (Grigio) comes in at third.

Not surprisingly, often times the resale value of the “red” Ferraris are higher then then the other colors.
Even though there’s almost twice as many red lovers as there are black, black Ferrari enthusiasts are pretty adamant about why they love that color. It generally sounds something like this “The black body is a sharper look and allows the wheels and logos to truly shine. It just doesn’t look the same when contrasting with a red body.”

If faced with the decision, which would you choose? We already know our answer…”one of each, please!”


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