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Ferrari Finali Mondiali | Enclosed Auto Transport

United Routes Helps to Make This Year’s Ferrari Finali Mondiali Unforgettable

A Historic Day for Racing Fans at Daytona

Fans and spectators were blown away by Ferrari’s fleet of cars engaged in stiff competition racing around Daytona International Speedway at the annual Finali Mondiali between December 1-4. This was the first time that the event took place in North America, and what better raceway for this thrilling racing event to take place than the famous Daytona.

The Finali Mondiali is arguably Ferrari’s major annual event for promoting their contribution to the ever growing world of motorsports. It involves close to 1000 of Ferrariā€™s, new and state of the art models, and older classic Ferrari models. In fact, an attempt was made to beat a world record of having the most Ferraris on a racetrack at once, which unfortunately was not accomplished. Besides for the cars on the track, there were several new and classic Ferrari models on display off the track as well.

Besides for the intense competition, there were many cars demonstrating pit stops, exciting accelerations and fast laps all day for the throngs of Ferrari lovers who come out to watch. Ferrari even had two of their top racecar drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen travel with their own cars to really excite the crowd with how their cars run.

This year’s show had some extra significance as well. Besides for being the first Ferrari Finali Mondiali in North America, it was also the first time that F1 cars had ever driven on the famed asphalt of Daytona International Speedway, usually used for Nascar or other motor sport events. For the regulars at Daytona, this was a real treat.

Making Sure the Cars Get to the Track Looking Great

As one could imagine, the entities providing the cars for the event like Ferrari North America, as well as local dealerships and collectors, obviously needed to employ a top quality company, specializing in enclosed auto transport, to ensure safe delivery of their cars to Daytona. Ferrari did not want their cars exposed in open car carriers, so that the cars would look their best at the show. With the possibility of bad weather, dust, little rocks and other debris affecting how the car could look, enclosed car transport was a must.

We at United Routes were tasked with the transport of 62 different cars for Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali. As experts in handling exotic car transports throughout the country, the delivery of all 62 cars was handled efficiently from the start, all the way up to carefully rolling the cars off the trucks at Daytona.

The Older Models Received Special Care

With Ferrari also bringing some very old classic models to the Finali Mondiali, our vast experience with classic car shipping came in handy. We at United Routes delicately move and ship all older models with the added touch our clients expect.

With the Ferrari event, it was no different, as our employees, with years of reliable car transport experience with even the most vintage auto models, handled each and every classic Ferrari with utmost care. This held true for the loading, transport and unloading sections of the delivery process.

Overall, we at United Routes are proud to have been part of such a momentous event in the world of motorsports such as the Ferrari Finali Mondiali. Knowing that we were able to deliver the cars in precisely the same condition as we received them, made our client happy, and gave us true satisfaction.


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