NO Up-Front Deposit

Why pay a deposit before you are given your driver’s number or a specific pickup date & time??

UNITED ROUTES does not require any up front deposits to book your transport

  • Deposit is only charged only once you have been supplied your driver’s name & number and your driver is on his way to pick up your vehicle.
  • It costs you no money down to book with us

NEVER PUT DOWN AN UP-FRONT DEPOSIT Companies that require an up-front deposit usually are banking on the fact that once you have paid for their services, you will not want to go through the hassle of canceling, fighting to get your refund, etc (these companies will usually raise the total cost price after booking). The proper way to book with a legitimate company is paying only after you have received the name of the carrier, the approximate dates for pick-up and delivery, and the name and phone number of the driver assigned to your vehicle .Only let them charge your car once a carrier is assigned to move your car and pay the remainder balance when your vehicle is delivered.

Please give our customer service staff a call 
1-866-352-8180 we will be glad to answer any of your questions!