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Shipped a 69′ Corvette for a National Hero

Texas to Georgia Classic Car Transport

This week we are so proud to feature this 69′ Chevrolet Corvette. We were able to provide a classic car transport from Texas to Georgia. There are some great pictures above, some even include actor Gary Sinise. Our customer Jeff shared the incredible story about the cars original owner.

It’s a very appropriate time as this past Monday was Memorial Day. We would like to thank all our countries’ servicemen and servicewomen for putting their lives on the line every day for the safety of our country. We love you and G-d bless America.

“This car and kids story is really impressive. It was purchased new in August of 1969 for a young man who had just signed up to go and fight with his oldest brother in Nam. He took some road trips with his buddies, then he reported to basic at Ft. Bennington in GA. After completing his training, he took another trip or two in his new Vette. He left for Nam, he was there for 21 days before he was killed in battle helping his fellow platoon members. He received the Bronze Star for his bravery that day on the battlefield.

His distraught parents put the car away in the garage for the next 44 years. His mom and dad have since passed, his oldest brother passed from the effects of Agent Orange. His surviving brother lives in Sarasota. This is a special car with a very special story, I just can’t believe how damn hard it’s been to get any traction on this story, kid and his car. They write country western songs about this stuff….




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