Shipping Ferrari in Enclosed Truck
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Shipping a Ferrari Spyder

Transporting 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder

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While some have complained about the unique styling (flat-nose, three pipe exhaust), certain Spyder fans are absolutely obsessed with the 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder. It’s just really different and takes a wildly different approach to the classic convertible.

“The roof (or a large piece of it, anyway) pivots back and forth. Unlike on the Superamerica, a small piece of the roof at the trailing edge separates, tucks vertically behind the seats, and is covered by the main roof panel—all of which is then covered by a hard, rear-hinged tonneau cover. What’s left is a small power-operated rear window located between two big structural buttresses that act as integrated rollover protection. The whole transformation takes but 14 seconds” – CarAndDriver

This new feature actually allows the Ferrari to be 55 pounds lighter then the typical soft convertible. Nothing screams exotic quite like a Ferrari and since we pride ourselves on luxury and exotic car transport, this transport gave us one more thing to smile about today. Check out the pictures above and let’s see if you could hold back your smile too.


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