58′ Mercedes 300D Car Transport – California Here We Come

New Jersey to California Auto Transport


Laguna Beach, CA here we come. There is very few things more beautiful then the good old west coast but we found one. This 1958 Mercedes 300D Adenauer 4 door convertible is definitely one of them. We provided Peter with a covered car transport from NJ all the way to CA. We may or may not have stayed for a quick dip in the Pacific – Don’t tell our bosses!

Classic Car Transport Specs of the Week | 58′ Mercedes 300D Adenauer
• 4 Door Convertible
• Hardtop Configuration
• 180 PS (130 kW; 180 hp) at 5500 rpm
• Additional 4 inches wheelbase (as compard to the 300c)
• Auto transmission

Classic Auto Transport of the Week

Classic Car Transport | California

“You said your car is in New Jersey? You need it in California next week? what? An enclosed auto transport? No problem, consider it done.” That was pretty the United Routes side of the conversation with Bill. He was finally ready to showcase his 1927 zipper track roadster at the Rolland Racing Museum and guess who was perfect for the job. That’s right United Routes – Offering the best in classic auto transport services.

This beaut featured a fully customized dash setup says previous owner Bruce. “I hinged a steel plate to the firewall which holes all the “electrics” (FI ECU, fuse and relays, signal flasher,etc…). When it’s closed (using 4 wing nuts) the underside holds the transmission shifter, ignition/headlight switches, high/low beam, horn button, signal and heated seat switches.The speedometer is a Haines 5 in one, all in one cluster. All controls become hidden except for the signal switch.”

Taking no chances at all they chose a top-tier reliable auto transport company. Hey, that’s us, cool!