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Transporting a Classic 1932 Ford Coupe Street Rod

Did you know that in 1932 the price for this Ford coupe was about $490? Yeah, that’s some deal! Back then, most people would refer to a hopped up car like this as a “gow job”.  While not pictured above, the Ford roadster was actually a more popular choice for Hot Rod’s since it was lighter and less expensive.

United Routes transported this amazing classic in one our custom enclosed trailers. It took a few extra minutes to actually load this vehicle, but only because we just couldn’t stop staring 😉 .


Shipped a Matching Classic Car and Truck

1947 Dodge Car and Truck Transport


2 Words!

Pure Awesomeness!

Can’t Stop Checking Out This Bugatti 1931 Type 51

Classic Car Transport

The Bugatti Type 51 was Bugatti’s leading race-car throughout the 1930’s. The model above (transported by United Routes) was produced within the 1st year of the T 51 production – 1931.

This model took over the famous Bugatti Type 35’s. While the race-car did not fair too well against its German and Italian race-car competitors it eventually was beloved simply for it’s style. To be fair, the German and Italian race-car manufacturers had significant financial backing from their respective governments giving it a nice leg up on pretty much anyone else in the game. But as well know money cannot buy finesse and Bugatti is in a league of its own in that department.

Back in 2010 RM Auctions  tried to auction a T 51 expecting between 3.5 and 4.5 million. The car did not sell that day as the high bid was only (sarcasm much?) 2.75 million.

The car posted above was shipped from Utah to Colorado for service and maintenance.

Is that a piece of history on a boat? Yup!

Shipped a 1930 Franklin Roadster

Known as a serious luxury car brand, the Franklin Automobile Company unfortunately met it’s demise during the great depression. It’s 30 years of production clearly made it’s mark in automobile history – selling about 150,000 cars.

The picture above is from our customer who was getting his 1930 Franklin Roadster Coupe restored. We met him at the ferry and he took it for a ride into Massachusetts.

There have been only 6,043 produced and the original base price was $2,885 (roughly $41,174 today adjusted for inflation).

2 door
Weight: 3,950 lbs
Wheelbase: 132 in
6 cylinders
Rated Horsepower:29.4
Air-cooled cooling sytem

Another Happy Mustang Owner

We Shipped This Convertible from Kentucky to Texas

David W finally found the car he’d been searching for, the first generation Ford Mustang – the 1967 convertible kind (yes, we’re all jealous) After a thorough inspection he made the purchase, now it was only the matter of actually getting the car to his home in Texas. “I had heard good things about United Routes from other classic car owners. The process was very smooth with good communication with the driver and I even received the car earlier than I expected.” 

We had shipped David’s new car from Kentucky to Texas in an enclosed trailer – only the best for the original ‘pony car’. Although this was a convertible, Ford did offer a simpler hard-top version at the time. While many know Ford as the real deal “American” ride, ironically plenty of the assembly was done outside of Detroit, including Venezuela and Mexico. Ford offered models with either an I6 or V8 engine and a three or four speed transmission – with the three speed offered in both manual and automatic

1967 Ford Mustang Dimensions:
Height: 51.2 inches
Length: 181.6 inches
Width: 68.2 inches
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Curb Weight 2,445 pounds

What Makes an Eldorado So Great?

Car Transport from Indiana to Louisiana

A few weeks ago we transported a 1973 Eldorado for our customer, Gerald.  The car was shipped in an enclosed trailer from Carmel, Indiana to Lafayette, Louisiana.  After taking one look at it we decided to do a bit more research on this beauties.

Early models of the Eldorado were considered to be top of the food chain as far as Cadillacs go. The 1957-1960 Eldorado Brougham was actually the highest priced cadillac on the market in those years.

In 1967 the car underwent serious design changes intended to further impress the luxury car buyers and by 1971 it was being offered in two different styles. Buyers could opt for either the 2-door coupe or the 2-door convertible option. In 1973 the Eldorado was established as a car series of it’s own, removing itself completely from the “Fleetwood” series it had previously been associated with.

The 1973 version was also chosen as the pace car for the Indy 500. Sales grew immediately to 51,451

Bill Harrahs insane car collection actually features a 73 cadillaic Eldorado which was owned by Elvis at one point – Elvis then gave it to his karate teacher (he probably threatened to kick his ass if he didn’t).

1973 Eldorado Car Specs:
500 cu in (8.2 L) V8 engine
3-speed automatic transmission
126.3 in wheelbase
223 inch lengh
79.8 in width
54.2 inch height
Assembled in New Jersey and Michigan

Classic Auto Transport of the Week

Classic Car Transport | California

“You said your car is in New Jersey? You need it in California next week? what? An enclosed auto transport? No problem, consider it done.” That was pretty the United Routes side of the conversation with Bill. He was finally ready to showcase his 1927 zipper track roadster at the Rolland Racing Museum and guess who was perfect for the job. That’s right United Routes – Offering the best in classic auto transport services.

This beaut featured a fully customized dash setup says previous owner Bruce. “I hinged a steel plate to the firewall which holes all the “electrics” (FI ECU, fuse and relays, signal flasher,etc…). When it’s closed (using 4 wing nuts) the underside holds the transmission shifter, ignition/headlight switches, high/low beam, horn button, signal and heated seat switches.The speedometer is a Haines 5 in one, all in one cluster. All controls become hidden except for the signal switch.”

Taking no chances at all they chose a top-tier reliable auto transport company. Hey, that’s us, cool!