Shipped a Luxury Race-Car | Pagani Zonda

Enclosed Car Transport by one of our Fav drivers – Nedko!

What is one my favorite car brands ever? Well I’m so glad you asked! So here goes…(drum roll badabadabadabada….)the Pagani.

While the Pagani is shockingly not as well known by non-car enthusiast (Do those actually exist?) but among us auto lovers it’s top-tier. If “Flawless” and “Prestige” had a baby they would call it “Pagani”.

The companies flagship model the ‘Zonda’ (shipped by Nedko) was first available back in 1999. Since the original release numerous editions have been released including the special editions Zonda 760RS, Zonda 760LH and the Zonda 764 Passione back in 2012.

One of the most unique features of the Pagani is its use of carbon fiber, used in the vast majority of their cars’ external materials.

While most Pagani models are not street-legal (in the US) there is one that is – The Pagani Huayra (pronounced: wai-rah). For about $2 million you can own one – OK maybe a little out of my budget but hey it does top at over 230 mph. brwrwrwrwr – I may have just gotten the chills.

Chevrolet 3100 Took A Trip To Texas

Classic Car Transport

This 1954 Chevy 3100 is part of the Chevy series known as the Advance Design. There were a number of changes implemented into series starting in 1947 through 1955. However 1954 had arguably the only significant design change of the entire series. Among those changes included switching from a 2 piece windshield to a more curved one-piece, remodeled steering wheel and dashboard, and of course the grille – remodeled to what is known as the “bull nose” grille.

We shipped one these 54′ Chevy 3100’s for Randy and he could not be happier “Here is my new ride delivered by United Routes. Those guys are great, so if you are as picky as me about your classic cars and trucks, use them. Odessa,Missouri to Kemp, Texas, not a scratch. Thanks, Randy”.

Why We Love THIS 1956 Chevy 210

Shipped a 56′ Chevy 210 to Family Member


The Chevy 210 was beautiful but unfortunately short-lived, You can only find models from the 1953-1957 making it pretty hard to get your hand on for any Chevy classic enthusiast. The 210 replaced the Styleline Deluxe model and was then taken over by the Biscayne.  Our customer Brian had one of the 4-door sedans but this model was offered with a2 door coupe, 2-door hard top, 4 door wagon and 2-door convertible as well.

Brian actually used to work on this car with his uncle while he was in High school. The car has been in his family for over 30 years. #NostalgicMuch. We are so happy we could bring Brian this priceless family treasure. He literally helped restore it over 25 years ago.  As far as transport goes, well just ask our customer “It was painless and the car arrived flawless [and] ahead of schedule!”. This car is special but it’s sentimental value is really what anyone would call beautiful.

Ferrari 458 Italia Shipped to Auto Show in Florida




Exotic Car Shipping by United Routes

HOT! HOT! HOT! Definitely the only way to describe this insane Ferrari 458 Italia. Heard of Liberty Walk? Owner of LB Performance, a custom exotic performance shop famous for making their very own “Supercars”. Well the 2 owners flew in from Japan to showcase their newest baby. All we had to do was transport the car from Northern California, Palo Alto to be exact, to West Palm Beach, home to the latest Way2Clean auto show. The show took place at the South Florida Fair Grounds Expo Center and featured hundreds of customized classic and exotic vehicles. They even had live music by DJ Nasty of 99JAMZ. Check out a quick clip of the show at the video below.

Another Happy Mustang Owner

We Shipped This Convertible from Kentucky to Texas

David W finally found the car he’d been searching for, the first generation Ford Mustang – the 1967 convertible kind (yes, we’re all jealous) After a thorough inspection he made the purchase, now it was only the matter of actually getting the car to his home in Texas. “I had heard good things about United Routes from other classic car owners. The process was very smooth with good communication with the driver and I even received the car earlier than I expected.” 

We had shipped David’s new car from Kentucky to Texas in an enclosed trailer – only the best for the original ‘pony car’. Although this was a convertible, Ford did offer a simpler hard-top version at the time. While many know Ford as the real deal “American” ride, ironically plenty of the assembly was done outside of Detroit, including Venezuela and Mexico. Ford offered models with either an I6 or V8 engine and a three or four speed transmission – with the three speed offered in both manual and automatic

1967 Ford Mustang Dimensions:
Height: 51.2 inches
Length: 181.6 inches
Width: 68.2 inches
Wheelbase: 108 inches
Curb Weight 2,445 pounds

58′ Mercedes 300D Car Transport – California Here We Come

New Jersey to California Auto Transport


Laguna Beach, CA here we come. There is very few things more beautiful then the good old west coast but we found one. This 1958 Mercedes 300D Adenauer 4 door convertible is definitely one of them. We provided Peter with a covered car transport from NJ all the way to CA. We may or may not have stayed for a quick dip in the Pacific – Don’t tell our bosses!

Classic Car Transport Specs of the Week | 58′ Mercedes 300D Adenauer
• 4 Door Convertible
• Hardtop Configuration
• 180 PS (130 kW; 180 hp) at 5500 rpm
• Additional 4 inches wheelbase (as compard to the 300c)
• Auto transmission

2001 Dodge Viper GTS Enclosed Car Transport

Arizona to Colorado Auto Transport of the Week

Did you know all Vipers have a V10 engine along with manual transmission? V10! I want one! After a (smart, if i may add) new purchase we were able to provide George with an enclosed car transport from Arizona to Colorado. Speaking of Colorado, ever heard of the High Plains Raceway? It’s an amazing road racing facility, I sure hope George swings his gorgeous 2001 Dodge Viper over there.

Enclosed Auto Transport Specs of the Week – Dodge Viper Second Generation
• V10 engine
• 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds
• 0-100 mph in 8.6 seconds
• Top Speed of 185 mph

65′ Chevrolet Chevelle Enclosed Auto Transport

New Jersey to Texas Auto Transport of the Week

Once again, our enclosed auto transport service has put a smile on our customers face. Dena was very excited to receive her newest purchase. When we say excited, we mean literally jumping for joy. Why, you ask? Well We’ll let her do the talking, “because it is a 65 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS and almost 50 years old & not to mention… Just downright beautiful!!”

“United Routes LLC transported our 65 Chevelle because we purchased from a gentleman in New Jersey. We live in Texas so it was quite a trip for us to make ourselves. United Routes hooked us up!!”

The car was delivered a day early “and our driver, Gary, was an absolute sweetheart and very pleasant at 7am in the morning!”

Classic Car Transport Car Info of the Week

•Chevrolet Chevelle was produced in 3 generations for the 1964 – 1977 model years
•The Chevelle SS represented Chevrolet’s entry into the muscle car battle.
•Chevelles with the mid-1965 Z16 option, priced at US$1,501 in 1965
•The available 283-cubic-inch four-barrel V8 engine rated at 220-horsepower was the same rating as the 1957 Chevy Power-Pak 283 engine.

Enclosed Auto Transport Of the Week | 2009 Rossion Q1

Enclosed Car Transport of The week

United Routes was able to ship this 2009 Rossion Q1 in an enclosed trailer from California to North Carolina.

As you can see from the above pictures George’s car ain’t your typical street beast.

The Rossion Q1 is a product of Ian Grunes and Dean Rosen’s commitment to fusing luxury, design and sporty power.
While still difficult to come by, back in 2011 a used Rossion Q1 was selling out of NJ for only $63,999. A recent offer we found was for $78,000 with under 1000 miles driven.

It’s been noted by “Cottage-industry coupe has the power-to-weight chops to take on a Ferrari F430.” Considered to be one of the lightest cars in its class with a weight-to-power ratio of 6.3:1.

Enclosed Auto Shipping specs of the week

•Twin Turbocharged V6 Engine
•450 bph at 5800 rpm
•0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds
•0-100 in 7.7 seconds
•Top Speed of 189 mph
•Available in 17 Different Body Colors
•Ram Air Side Window Ducts

Texas Exotic Car Transport of The Week

Exotic Auto Shipping | Texas

Race cars you say? We’ll give you race cars! How about the Ferrari F142 from the Krohn racing team – shipped by United Routes via an enclosed car transport through the state of Texas. This 465bhp V8 beast has got some history to back itself up too. After 12 grueling hours at the Sebring Internation Raceway, Andrea Bertolini, Krohn team driver was able to place 4th in this championship race. “I drove the car for nearly three hours at the end. The team did a really unbelievable job, especially in terms of strategy and pit stops. At the end, the car had good balance, and I think it was on the top for us having a 2012 car.”

The next scheduled event for the Krohn team is the Continental Tire Sports Car Festival at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. May 4th Salinas, CA Any race car in this event is definitely going to require an enclosed auto transport. Race cars do not take any chances of getting dirt or dust in those powerful bodies. One of our specialties is our exotic auto shipping service, a personal customized service special for those customized babies. We’re dealing with a piece of race car history and we give that the respect it deserves.