Why We Love THIS 1956 Chevy 210

Shipped a 56′ Chevy 210 to Family Member


The Chevy 210 was beautiful but unfortunately short-lived, You can only find models from the 1953-1957 making it pretty hard to get your hand on for any Chevy classic enthusiast. The 210 replaced the Styleline Deluxe model and was then taken over by the Biscayne.  Our customer Brian had one of the 4-door sedans but this model was offered with a2 door coupe, 2-door hard top, 4 door wagon and 2-door convertible as well.

Brian actually used to work on this car with his uncle while he was in High school. The car has been in his family for over 30 years. #NostalgicMuch. We are so happy we could bring Brian this priceless family treasure. He literally helped restore it over 25 years ago.  As far as transport goes, well just ask our customer “It was painless and the car arrived flawless [and] ahead of schedule!”. This car is special but it’s sentimental value is really what anyone would call beautiful.

Rare 1997 Porsche 911 993 Carrera S Goes for a Ride




Rare Porsche Transported to Alabama

This 1997 Porsche 993 took a nice trip from California to Alabama in an enclosed car transport trailer. Believe or not but this specific car is one of just 3,714 Porsche Carrera S wide body models produced. It is also part of the last batch of air-cooled (engines) produced by Porsche. The Carrera S model, also known as the 4S for the 1996 models, is very similar to the standard Carrera models on the inside but actually has slightly lowered suspension then a standard Carrera. Our customer, Andy, purchased this dream car in San Francisco and yes, we’re a tad bit jealous.

What Makes an Eldorado So Great?

Car Transport from Indiana to Louisiana

A few weeks ago we transported a 1973 Eldorado for our customer, Gerald.  The car was shipped in an enclosed trailer from Carmel, Indiana to Lafayette, Louisiana.  After taking one look at it we decided to do a bit more research on this beauties.

Early models of the Eldorado were considered to be top of the food chain as far as Cadillacs go. The 1957-1960 Eldorado Brougham was actually the highest priced cadillac on the market in those years.

In 1967 the car underwent serious design changes intended to further impress the luxury car buyers and by 1971 it was being offered in two different styles. Buyers could opt for either the 2-door coupe or the 2-door convertible option. In 1973 the Eldorado was established as a car series of it’s own, removing itself completely from the “Fleetwood” series it had previously been associated with.

The 1973 version was also chosen as the pace car for the Indy 500. Sales grew immediately to 51,451

Bill Harrahs insane car collection actually features a 73 cadillaic Eldorado which was owned by Elvis at one point – Elvis then gave it to his karate teacher (he probably threatened to kick his ass if he didn’t).

1973 Eldorado Car Specs:
500 cu in (8.2 L) V8 engine
3-speed automatic transmission
126.3 in wheelbase
223 inch lengh
79.8 in width
54.2 inch height
Assembled in New Jersey and Michigan

2001 Dodge Viper GTS Enclosed Car Transport

Arizona to Colorado Auto Transport of the Week

Did you know all Vipers have a V10 engine along with manual transmission? V10! I want one! After a (smart, if i may add) new purchase we were able to provide George with an enclosed car transport from Arizona to Colorado. Speaking of Colorado, ever heard of the High Plains Raceway? It’s an amazing road racing facility, I sure hope George swings his gorgeous 2001 Dodge Viper over there.

Enclosed Auto Transport Specs of the Week – Dodge Viper Second Generation
• V10 engine
• 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds
• 0-100 mph in 8.6 seconds
• Top Speed of 185 mph

Enclosed Auto Transport Of the Week | 2009 Rossion Q1

Enclosed Car Transport of The week

United Routes was able to ship this 2009 Rossion Q1 in an enclosed trailer from California to North Carolina.

As you can see from the above pictures George’s car ain’t your typical street beast.

The Rossion Q1 is a product of Ian Grunes and Dean Rosen’s commitment to fusing luxury, design and sporty power.
While still difficult to come by, back in 2011 a used Rossion Q1 was selling out of NJ for only $63,999. A recent offer we found was for $78,000 with under 1000 miles driven.

It’s been noted by roadandtrack.com “Cottage-industry coupe has the power-to-weight chops to take on a Ferrari F430.” Considered to be one of the lightest cars in its class with a weight-to-power ratio of 6.3:1.

Enclosed Auto Shipping specs of the week

•Twin Turbocharged V6 Engine
•450 bph at 5800 rpm
•0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds
•0-100 in 7.7 seconds
•Top Speed of 189 mph
•Available in 17 Different Body Colors
•Ram Air Side Window Ducts

NY Auto Show | United Routes Auto Transport

NY International Auto Show | Exotic Car Shipping

Transporting a car to the NY international Auto Show? We offer a premier enclosed auto transport service just for you.

The NYIAS has won numerous awards in past years as it always delivers more then you could imagine. the 2014 event will be taking place April 18th – April 27th. This years show is sure going to be another hit. Some of the exciting events include the Camp Jeep Outdoor Off Roading Ride Along and an appearance by NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver #55 Brian Vickers.

In addition on special exhibit will be some classic auto greats including the NY State Historical Vehicle 1967 Lincoln Executive Limousine owned by Governor Nelson Rockefeller and a 1932 Packard Phaeton owned by Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt.

These kinds of shows are just up our alley. We specialize in classic and exotic car transport. There’s nothing more classic and exotic then the NYI Auto Show.
See you there!

Enclosed Classic Car Transport of the week – 1965 Chevrolet C10 to California

1965 Chevrolet C10 Covered Transport Truck

1965 Chevrolet C10 Enclosed Transport

1965 Chevrolet C10 Enclosed Truck Transport


1965 Chevy C10 Transported Enclosed from Hollister, California to Los Angeles , California. Door to Door Single Truck Service

The reason we used United Routes was to transport the car Enclosed from Hollister CA, to Los Angeles CA. Ironically, one of the reasons I chose United Routes was because of their Blog section. To me there is no better way to decide who to do business with than by reading experiences from actual customers.

The most unique thing about this beautiful C10 pickup is that is has a steering wheel from a 1957 Chevy Nomad. This was the inspiration for the color choices and overall styling. My daughter loved it!!

I was more than impressed by the entire process of doing business with United Routes from start to finish. From the ease of getting an appointment made with one of their drivers, to the prompt delivery made. As promised, the driver was very communicative and on-time; 2 things that are essential to a buyer who is just as concerned about the cargo as the driver is.

Thanks for the great job!