Shipping a Tesla Model X | Enclosed Auto Transport
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Tesla Model X | Enclosed Auto Transport

Paving the Way for SUV’s of the Future

Enclosed Auto Transport for a Tesla Model X

Loading a Tesla for Shipment

Arguably one of the most futuristic SUV’s on the market, the Tesla Model X is something of an anomaly. It has all wheel drive like most SUV’s in its class, but at the same time has a very powerful battery which allows the Model X to drive nearly 300 miles on a fully charged battery. The charge takes between 90 minutes and 10 hours depending on the charger you purchase. Extra safety features and full self-driving capabilities are only a few of the reasons why car experts and consumers are blown away by the Tesla Model X. This is all besides for the awesome Delorean like doors on the Model X that open upwards.

Recently, United Routes was commissioned with moving a Tesla Model X. With our years of expertise in auto transport, we ensured that our client’s Model X was looked after with the utmost of care. We also made some time to enjoy learning about some of the plethora of cool features on the Model X.

Sought After Features for an SUV

Though SUV’s are known for their ability to drive in harsh conditions and contain better handling than your usual mid-size car, few SUV’s have the speed of the Tesla Model X. With the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds, you may just forget that you’re in an SUV. This is especially surprising with an SUV that can also fit seven passengers, and plenty of luggage in its spacious trunk.

Safety is another thing that Tesla heavily invested into its Model X. This SUV has intuitive emergency braking which can really help you in times when you miss something on the road. Additionally, the car’s large battery is placed at a lower point in the Model X, which helps to lower the center of gravity in the car. This helps avoid potential rollovers or other mishaps while driving.

The two most noticeable features of the Tesla Model X are the full self-driving ability, which works with unparalleled precision and efficiency, and the Falcon Wing doors. The doors open very easily, and give plenty of space to get in and out of the car. Of course, they can be opened digitally with a simple push of a button.

Getting the Job Done the United Routes Way

When we moved our client’s beautiful Tesla Model X we ensured delicate and professional care the entire duration of the job. From loading the Model X on our custom made enclosed car transport trailer which guarantees no wear or tear to the vehicle, to the smooth drive, we arrived at our destination on time much to the satisfaction of the client.

Our drivers got introduced to the Model X and a few of its futuristic features, and in short, loved what they saw. Handling high tech cars like the Model X is nothing new to us at United Routes, with our years of experience handling cars of nearly every make, model and price range. We’re looking forward to our next move with another futuristic car like the Tesla Model X.


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