Classic Car Transport | 1936 Dodge LC Pickup
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Transport of a 1936 Dodge LC Pickup

Classic Car Shipping

The early 1930’s was tough for America as a whole. The great Depression was bankrupting businesses left and right. Dodge truck sales hit rock bottom by 1932. At this point Chrysler had already taken over the Dodge company and by the mid 30’s decided they needed a spectacular line of trucks to get them out of the gutter.

The featured 1936 Dodge LC Pickup pictured above is just one of those cars. The trucks were produced with tremendous amounts of updates comapred to the typical design and construction seen at the time.

Our customer Frank had purchased this rare classic and needed it shipped back to his home about 1,000 miles away. Finding a 1936 car in this great of a condition is quite rare. Just check out the pictures, you’ll see what I mean.

We also asked Frank whether the transport process met his expectations. His response,

“United Routes got my truck to me fast and in great shape. very smooth process.”

We are glad to be of service.

Want to know what it’s like cruising in one of these? Check out this cool point-of-view video I found


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