Transported Another Classic Beauty - 1941 Packard 160
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Transported Another Classic Beauty – 1941 Packard 160

Shipped this Packard from Massachusetts

Ah the Packard; The timeless classic that brought joy to America’s wealthiest as early as 1899. As a high-end luxury vehicle these beauties often sold for 3,4 and 5 times more then many popular cars at the time.

The Packard vehicles were so loved that by 1928 the Packard Motor Car Company had a gross income of $21,889,000 – roughly $304,464,469 in 2014.  Did you know that Packard was also the first to offer air conditioning and 12 cylinder engines in passenger cars (yes, I do love wikipedia).

Questions for John I. – New owner of this 1941 Packard 160

Q: What was the reason for transporting your car?
A: “Bought the car via the internet – I live in Portland, OR and the car was in East Dennis, MA. So, had to have it shipped.”

Q: Is there anything unique about the car?
A: “It’s a 138” wheelbase vs the usual 127”, two tone paint, dual side mount spare tires, and has the Electro-Matic clutch option which was a new invention at the time.”

Q: Did the transport process meet your expectations?
A: “Actually, the whole process exceeded my expectations! You were able to ship before anyone else and the car arrived earlier than expected which was great!”

Aww, thanks John, we love us too! 🙂


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