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Transporting a Classic 1929 Ford Vehicle

Transporting The 1929 Ford Model A

One of the Ford Company’s Earliest Successes

With an advanced water cooled four cylinder engine, and nine attractive body styles to choose from, the Model A has gone down in history as one of the most memorable classic cars of its era. The Model A was able to reach 65 mph in peak form, and also featured mechanical drum brakes on all four wheels. It had only three gears, beside for an option to reverse.

Recently, we at United Routes were given the task to move one such Model A. Before we made the safe delivery in one of our enclosed auto transport vehicles, we had a few minutes to check out some of the specs on this classic car. From the old clutch and brake pedals, to the old school rims on the wheels, and the extra wide running board along the sides and doors of the Model A, we were truly in awe of this old seasoned auto stud.

Replacement of the Ford Model T

During the 1920’s and the decade before, the automobile market was dominated by Ford’s Model T. It was the first car that your average middle class American could afford, and reasonably, America saw cars pop up nearly everywhere as a result. However, towards the latter part of the second half of the decade, other companies, like General Motors, were producing solid competition in the mid-end car business. This forced the Ford company to think of a new car that would again appeal to the masses and up their defunct sales.

So in late 1927 the Model A was born, and was a smashing success. In fact, by March 1930 there were already 3 million Model A cars sold throughout the world. Keeping population numbers at that time in mind, and how common cars were back then, one can easily see that these numbers were very significant. The Ford Model A had quickly become Ford’s second crowd favorite, and the car was soon seen on streets all over America.

Experts in Classic Car Transport

With vast experience in enclosed car transport, specializing in classic, antique and exotic car transport among others, we were very excited and confident about the move of this beautiful Ford Model A. Though many car fans out there would refer to the Model A as a classic car, in fact it’s officially categorized as pre-antique car, due to the fact that it’s between 50 and 99 years of age.

Because cars of this age and condition need the utmost in delicate care, we made sure to employ one of our enclosed trailers for the move. The Model A was strapped down inside the trailer by the wheels. For the sake of preserving the car’s condition, we are very strict about never strapping any car down by the axle or chassis. Because many older cars have low ground clearance, we always make sure to use our trailers that were custom made for that type of job. We ensured that this Ford Model A was delivered to its destination in exactly the same state in which we found it, from top to bottom.


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