Transported one of the classiest racecars ever produced | 1931 Bugatti
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Can’t Stop Checking Out This Bugatti 1931 Type 51

Classic Car Transport

The Bugatti Type 51 was Bugatti’s leading race-car throughout the 1930’s. The model above (transported by United Routes) was produced within the 1st year of the T 51 production – 1931.

This model took over the famous Bugatti Type 35’s. While the race-car did not fair too well against its German and Italian race-car competitors it eventually was beloved simply for it’s style. To be fair, the German and Italian race-car manufacturers had significant financial backing from their respective governments giving it a nice leg up on pretty much anyone else in the game. But as well know money cannot buy finesse and Bugatti is in a league of its own in that department.

Back in 2010 RM Auctions  tried to auction a T 51 expecting between 3.5 and 4.5 million. The car did not sell that day as the high bid was only (sarcasm much?) 2.75 million.

The car posted above was shipped from Utah to Colorado for service and maintenance.


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