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Enclosed Auto Transport Of The Week | 65′ Aston Martin DB5

Classic Car Shipping IL to CA

Mid-August in sunny La Jolla, California, the Concourse d’Elegance was almost underway.  The spectacular event was close to ready – with one crucial puzzle piece missing.  The Aston Martin’s centerpiece beauty was sitting in Illinois.  The DB5 was in serious need of a classic car shipping company and of course, this pricey historic gem required an enclosed car transport – No questions asked. Let’s put it this way, if your bank account only has six digits then this car is not for you.

Movie buffs may recognize the 65′ Db5, this luxury grand tourer was driven by a living legend named Connery, Sean Connery.  First appearing in 007 Goldfinger the DB5 is well known for being a cinematic auto icon.  Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera is credited with creating the superb design.  Standard on most DB5’s include wool pile carpets, twin fuel tanks, chrome wire wheels and a full leather cabin trim.

It only makes sense to have such an elegant piece of history at this show “The Concours is not a contest of speed, but of excellence. Automobiles and motorcycles are judged for their historical accuracy, their technical merit and their style”

Our reliable classic auto shipping service made sure the DB5 was there to wow the crowd, and they were definitely wowed. The trip from Illinois to California was quick and simple. We were happy to be a part of this DB5’s history.

Classic Car Transport Fast Facts For the Astom Martin DB5

• All-aluminium 4.0 L engine

• New ZF fivespeed transmission

• Three SU carburettors

• Top speed: 143 mph


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