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Enclosed Auto Transport of the Week | Batmobile

Enclosed Auto Transport FL to NY

NANANANANANANANANA Batmobile! Batman was in crisis mode, he had just spent a lovely weekend in the Gotham Islands with a beautiful woman and…What, why so serious? Of course it was with Vicky Vail.  Anyways, back to our story, the Batmobile was having some engine trouble and he needed it shipped ASAP to Gotham city.  Well, really New York City but let’s not be picky.  He needed the expertise of a reliable exotic auto transport service to come to the rescue (he also threatened to break our necks if we didn’t).

After hearing that we offered enclosed car shipping it was not really a question.  Now all we needed was the car’s info – This was no easy task, Batman likes to keep things private. Speaking on behalf of his car he just kept repeating “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”After much interrogation and a promise to buy Batman some new tights he  eventually caved (excuse the pun). Deep down, the Keaton-mobile is comprised of a chevy V8  engine, modeled after a 1970 Corvette body and built on an Impala chassis.  Hey, look at that we just so happen to specialize in shipping Corvettes and Chevys.

What we found even more interesting was just the other day some dude Robin called about our enclosed car transport service.  He said he was about to purchase a car on Ebay for $620,00 and it had the exact same description. Strange, no? Probably just some wannabe Batman.

Since we are in the business of saving the world (or maybe just your car) we took care of business. As promised the car was delivered with our special “Door to Batcave” Guarantee.  The driver was very professional and delivered the car without any funny-business, he was no joker. Batman got exactly what he needed, a no hassle reliable auto transport service.

A week late Batman called to thank us but we couldn’t exactly hear what the quiet mumbler was saying “uhhhuhuhuh you uhuuhuh great job uhuhu break your neck uhuhuhuh” We just assumed he was happy.


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