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Enclosed Car Transport of the Week 1970 Buick 455 GS Texas Transport


1970 Buick 455 GS Stage 1 , Enclosed Auto Shipping secured with soft wheels straps and delivered to Texas in showroom condition

Enclosed Car Transport was the best choice for this classic known as a “Hemi-Buster” because of the 510 lbs. of Torque.  Few people realize that this was the fastest car made until the 80’s.  Forget about the Corvettes, Camaros or MoPars because nothing could ever rival it.  Not one classic before 1970, or since, had astonished a driver like this torque in this particular model.

Rarely do you see a car that has the same name for the exterior as the interior, Burnished Saddle, which is the original color also.  It is a V-8, 455 c.i.d. 350 h.p. with TH-400 BB code automatic, correct Rochester Quadrajet carb. rebuilt to exact ’70 – Stage 1 specs. & re-stamped.  PS, PB, PT, PW, PS, Factory Air, Factory Mags, AM-FM push button radio, Bucket Seats, Tilt Wheel, remote driver’s mirror.  This is considered a highly OPTIONED vehicle for 1970.  It has 6,900 miles on a frame off restoration and it was kept in a museum in MS for years.  Impeccable paint job; the best I’ve ever seen on a car. It would have been crazy to choose anything aside from an Enclosed auto shipping company.

My association with United Routes has been extremely professional from start to finish they advised on an Enclosed Car Transport and I agreed that the only way this beauty would be shipped is in an Enclosed auto shipping container.   The luck of the draw placed me in contact with Kasey and that was a blessing because there was never a glitch from start to finish.  I’ll use this company in the future without hesitation for all my Enclosed Car Transport needs.


Linda J. Li

United Routes Enclosed Auto Transport Fast Facts:

Base Model Engine for the Buick 455 GS – V8

Stage 1 model engine was available in 2 additional options

Many are unaware that there was a stage 2 car created but was discontinued shortly afterwards


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hollywood florida 33020.