Transported an Amazing Classic Car from Minnesota
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Is that a piece of history on a boat? Yup!

Shipped a 1930 Franklin Roadster

Known as a serious luxury car brand, the Franklin Automobile Company unfortunately met it’s demise during the great depression. It’s 30 years of production clearly made it’s mark in automobile history – selling about 150,000 cars.

The picture above is from our customer who was getting his 1930 Franklin Roadster Coupe restored. We met him at the ferry and he took it for a ride into Massachusetts.

There have been only 6,043 produced and the original base price was $2,885 (roughly $41,174 today adjusted for inflation).

2 door
Weight: 3,950 lbs
Wheelbase: 132 in
6 cylinders
Rated Horsepower:29.4
Air-cooled cooling sytem


2835 hollywood blvd.
hollywood florida 33020.