Classic Auto Transport | Texas to Virginia | White 1964 GTO
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Shipped a 1964 Pontiac GTO Owned by Retired Navy Veteran

1964 GTO | Classic Car Transport

1964 GTO | Classic Car Transport

Texas to Virginia Auto Transport

Our happy customer wrote to us about this white 1964 GTO that we just shipped to Virginia for her.

Let’s just say we think she likes her new treat, just a little bit 🙂  Check out her story below.

I’ve always loved cars, grew up in the 50’s and 60’s during the height of the “car culture”.  I got my driver’s license in 1964 which was the year the Mustang and GTO came out.

My first classic car was a pink 1957 Thunderbird which had an automatic transmission;  I had a left knee injury and could no longer operate a clutch.  I finally got a total knee replacement and joked with my surgeon that I wouldn’t know if the surgery was successful until I could drive a stick shift again!  After I sold the baby bird a couple of years ago, I started looking for a 1964 to 1967 GTO convertible. I didn’t want a trailer queen; I wanted to drive!  but also wanted a good looking car.   I watched numerous classic car websites, eBay, etc.  There were many GTOs but something was always missing.

In early May, I got an early morning email from featuring a 1964 GTO convertible.  There were 72 photos of this car in Texas.  I contacted the seller right away, got the asking price and told him I was very interested.  I could not locate a professional appraiser in that area.  I debated flying to Texas to look at it but couldn’t swing that so I contacted a friend in Texas and asked if she had any “car guy” buddies.  “That would be Jim!”  Jim is restoring a 1964 Cutlass Olds which is almost a twin of the GTO.  The seller, a fellow vet of my vintage, promised he wouldn’t sell his car to anyone else until after my man had a chance to see it.   He kept his word, Jim loved the car and I didn’t even try to negotiate the price!

On a roll, I decided to use this time to find a transporter to bring the car from Texas to Virginia.  I requested estimates from six carriers.  Not only was United Routes the lowest bidder, Jake was the only one who called me to see if I had any questions.  As other bids dribbled in, slowly, I decided to reward customer support with my business.

Although I was anxious to get the car delivered, the seller had various commitments which delayed transport.  Jake rolled with these punches and despite a holiday weekend, managed to set up a pick up time convenient for everyone.  The driver Ivan was great about calling me to let me know when he thought he’d arrive and finally, on a Sunday afternoon, I laid eyes on my new ’64 GTO for the first time!  Ivan told me it was the nicest GTO he had transported in 4 years that he’s been doing this.  Of course, I sucked that right up!
So here is my ’64 GTO, 389 tripower, 4 speed, factory air, white with red interior.  and it really moves!
Owner with 1964 GTO

As delivered (driver in red), me grinning

The funny thing is that when I finally got behind the wheel to take my first drive, I couldn’t reach the pedals or see over the steering wheel!  A couple of pillows later, top down, off we went!

1964 GTO going for a ride

It’s time to take this baby for a spin

At a Christmas party in December, we all had to bring ornaments for the tree that represented our goals or hopes for the coming year.  I had a GTO ornament.  Today I collected it off the tree, the first one to do so.  I might just have to hang that from the rear view mirror!

United Routes shipped a white 1964 GTO to Texas

Look it’s a mini GTO

I am now looking for a license plate frame that says “I got a knee replacement for this!”
Sue Hammer, 67 years old
retired Navy
currently an Alpaca breeder


2835 hollywood blvd.
hollywood florida 33020.