Shipped a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG just in Time for Christmas
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Shipped a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Just in Time for Christmas

Auto Transport to Florida

We helped our customer Jim, boy-at-heart, get his dream car. Here’s what he had to say.

“Since I was a small boy, I have always wanted to own a Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing. Because they have gone out of sight in terms of cost (over $1 million), when Mercedes Benz introduced the SLS AMG Coupe with Gullwing doors, I committed to buying one. After searching the Internet for several weeks, I found a 2012 model with about 20,000 miles for a great price. After purchasing it, I was faced with the decision of how to get the car to me in Tampa, Florida from Newport Beach, California. I didn’t really want to drive the car 3,000+ miles back to Florida from Southern California, and put the mileage on the car or the wear-and-tare on my body, so I investigated car haulers. That’s where I found United Routes LLC. Their price for transport, either open or closed trailer, was very reasonable, so I selected them to move the car to Tampa.

Now, the purchase of the car occurred on December 11th, so the holidays had to be considered. In spite of the issues relating to getting things done during the Christmas period, Jake at United Routes LLC was able to secure an enclosed truck to deliver it to me. It arrived on December 24th, Christmas eve, in immaculate condition. What a Christmas present! The car is now secure in my garage where it will stay most of the time, being driven only occasionally and only in the nicest weather. The car is great and met all of my expectations. The delivery of the vehicle was the icing on the cake!



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