Rare 1997 Porsche 911 993 Carrera S Goes for a Ride




Rare Porsche Transported to Alabama

This 1997 Porsche 993 took a nice trip from California to Alabama in an enclosed car transport trailer. Believe or not but this specific car is one of just 3,714 Porsche Carrera S wide body models produced. It is also part of the last batch of air-cooled (engines) produced by Porsche. The Carrera S model, also known as the 4S for the 1996 models, is very similar to the standard Carrera models on the inside but actually has slightly lowered suspension then a standard Carrera. Our customer, Andy, purchased this dream car in San Francisco and yes, we’re a tad bit jealous.

Featured Auto of the week – Trump OCC Bike

Orange County Choppers Trump Bike

This week on on the United Routes Auto Transport blog we are featuring the seductively shiny Donald Trump bike.
The idea for this custom Orange County Choppers motorcycle was first discussed many years ago but finally came to fruition in Feb 2012. Donald handed the task over to an upcoming contestant of the tv show Celebrity Apprentice, Paul Teutul SR. Paul was able to present the beauty on an episode of American Chopper.

As with many things Trump, the exotic bike was made with 24 carat gold and absolutely exquisite detail. The 100% American made bike is now currently on display at the Trump Doral located in Doral, Florida. Go see it to believe it!

NY Auto Show | United Routes Auto Transport

NY International Auto Show | Exotic Car Shipping

Transporting a car to the NY international Auto Show? We offer a premier enclosed auto transport service just for you.

The NYIAS has won numerous awards in past years as it always delivers more then you could imagine. the 2014 event will be taking place April 18th – April 27th. This years show is sure going to be another hit. Some of the exciting events include the Camp Jeep Outdoor Off Roading Ride Along and an appearance by NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver #55 Brian Vickers.

In addition on special exhibit will be some classic auto greats including the NY State Historical Vehicle 1967 Lincoln Executive Limousine owned by Governor Nelson Rockefeller and a 1932 Packard Phaeton owned by Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt.

These kinds of shows are just up our alley. We specialize in classic and exotic car transport. There’s nothing more classic and exotic then the NYI Auto Show.
See you there!

Texas Exotic Car Transport of The Week

Exotic Auto Shipping | Texas

Race cars you say? We’ll give you race cars! How about the Ferrari F142 from the Krohn racing team – shipped by United Routes via an enclosed car transport through the state of Texas. This 465bhp V8 beast has got some history to back itself up too. After 12 grueling hours at the Sebring Internation Raceway, Andrea Bertolini, Krohn team driver was able to place 4th in this championship race. “I drove the car for nearly three hours at the end. The team did a really unbelievable job, especially in terms of strategy and pit stops. At the end, the car had good balance, and I think it was on the top for us having a 2012 car.”

The next scheduled event for the Krohn team is the Continental Tire Sports Car Festival at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. May 4th Salinas, CA Any race car in this event is definitely going to require an enclosed auto transport. Race cars do not take any chances of getting dirt or dust in those powerful bodies. One of our specialties is our exotic auto shipping service, a personal customized service special for those customized babies. We’re dealing with a piece of race car history and we give that the respect it deserves.

Enclosed Auto Transport of the Week | Batmobile

Enclosed Auto Transport FL to NY

NANANANANANANANANA Batmobile! Batman was in crisis mode, he had just spent a lovely weekend in the Gotham Islands with a beautiful woman and…What, why so serious? Of course it was with Vicky Vail.  Anyways, back to our story, the Batmobile was having some engine trouble and he needed it shipped ASAP to Gotham city.  Well, really New York City but let’s not be picky.  He needed the expertise of a reliable exotic auto transport service to come to the rescue (he also threatened to break our necks if we didn’t).

After hearing that we offered enclosed car shipping it was not really a question.  Now all we needed was the car’s info – This was no easy task, Batman likes to keep things private. Speaking on behalf of his car he just kept repeating “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”After much interrogation and a promise to buy Batman some new tights he  eventually caved (excuse the pun). Deep down, the Keaton-mobile is comprised of a chevy V8  engine, modeled after a 1970 Corvette body and built on an Impala chassis.  Hey, look at that we just so happen to specialize in shipping Corvettes and Chevys.

What we found even more interesting was just the other day some dude Robin called about our enclosed car transport service.  He said he was about to purchase a car on Ebay for $620,00 and it had the exact same description. Strange, no? Probably just some wannabe Batman.

Since we are in the business of saving the world (or maybe just your car) we took care of business. As promised the car was delivered with our special “Door to Batcave” Guarantee.  The driver was very professional and delivered the car without any funny-business, he was no joker. Batman got exactly what he needed, a no hassle reliable auto transport service.

A week late Batman called to thank us but we couldn’t exactly hear what the quiet mumbler was saying “uhhhuhuhuh you uhuuhuh great job uhuhu break your neck uhuhuhuh” We just assumed he was happy.

Exotic Auto Transport of the Week | Shelby Collection Colorado


When you Love cars you Love Car Shows … When you own cars like these beautiful Classic Shelby’s you Love taking them to shows. July 2013, United Routes was proud to help out the Superformance Superfest with their classic auto shipping needs.  Needless to say the event was Super! (sorry we couldn’t resist). The event featured some beautiful exotic cars including one of the last unrestored original 289 Shelby Cobra CSX-2051 as well as one of the first 50 original 260ci 1962 Cobras. These high end vehicles often require an enclosed auto transport to make sure they arrive as expected, in showroom condition. Check out the event page for more details. A big thank you to to the Superfest for allowing us to be a part of the exotic car transport needs.  We can’t wait for next years event Supercruz 2014, summer 2014!